By Lee Clark • December 17, 2018

Shoving tomatoes in my mouth and playing games - fundraising ideas?

Playing video games has been part of my life ever since I first loaded the Bruce Lee game tape into my Amstrad CPC 464...




Like many kids growing up in the eighties, I hopped from one computer to the next, taking in the wonders of numerous Commodores along the way, going on to fall in love with consoles like the Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Master System, Sony Playstation and their many successors. Come to think of it, I have over 30 years of playing a huge list of games as diverse as Tetris, Street Fighter, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto, Last of Us, and more recently, Marvel’s Spider-Man. Setting myself little challenges, like not losing any energy during a round on Street Fighter 2, or trying to complete the first level of Sonic the Hedgehog in under 30 seconds was something I did a lot. I also developed a tea-drinking habit and embraced an affinity for Chocolate Digestives.

The thing is, none of that means I’m necessarily any good at games...

I play Fortnite now and again. What that actually means is I join the lobby, get on the Battle Bus, sky-dive out of it and spend the next 5 minutes trying to find a suitable firearm. I then either:

  1. Die at the hands of a member of Generation Z with bionic thumbs
  2. Hide in a toilet in the nearest building, before meeting my demise at the hands of a Millennial with bionic thumbs


You’d be forgiven for thinking I had never picked up a game controller, let alone played hours of that game. Ever. 

When it comes to story-driven games like Marvel's Spider-Man, Read Dead Redemption 2 and other classics, like the Grand Theft Auto series, I am much, much better. I get sucked into the narrative and game controls, entering the kind of zone I remember from my childhood, where it's just you and the game. It can feel close to what has been described as a sense of "flow" or "being in the zone".

Regardless of whether I'm actually any good at playing games, when it comes to keeping people engaged and donating during a charity stream, like the one I’m doing on Wednesday 19th December for Shelter, I'll need to get creative. That’s where GivePenny Milestones can come in.

Setting up a few Milestones on my GivePenny fundraising page means people can pledge a donation against something specific during my challenge, like:

  • fitting as many tomatoes in my mouth as possible without chewing
  • smashing out 50 pushups
  • broadcast the stream from outdoors, in the Winter, without shelter.... for 24 hours

Hey, I might even set one or two up that are actually related to my gameplay.

To find out more about GivePenny Gaming and how it can help you raise money for charities in new ways, take a look here.