By Jo Mason • November 9, 2018

A big week IRL

You know how you play video games? What we’re asking is if you could do that but save a family from homelessness while you’re at it.

This is a community. We are a community. A community of millions of gamers all connected across the world by our shared love of the excitement and escapism that video games offer and like with all communities, our combined efforts are stronger than those of just one individual.

This week, we were finally allowed to reveal that we are working with Shelter on their “Level Up For Shelter” campaign which is encouraging supporters to game for at least 135 minutes to help raise funds and awareness of their work ending homelessness and bad housing in the UK. Why 135? Because 135 families become homeless in this country, every single day.

Families like yours and families like those of everyone here at GivePenny HQ, and we’re sure you’ll agree that can’t be allowed to happen in 2018.

So 2018 is fighting back, in the most 2018 way you can imagine.

Sign up to take part in the campaign for free, start gaming and ask all of your friends and families to sponsor you. Maybe even charge them a donation to play with/against you. Whatever you do, do something and do it on your Twitch-connected GivePenny page.

Join in with Level Up For Shelter at:

If you need a little bit of inspiration, have a look at what other fundraisers are doing to raise their money as part of the campaign, including the big boss at GivePenny, Lee, who is doing an outdoor 24-hour gaming marathon here in Digbeth on the 5th December. He’ll be playing games including Spider-Man, Fifa 19 & Red Dead Redemption 2 so please do tune in and watch it all play out live, or even come down to The Ruin and cheer him on/kick his backside on Fifa if you're in the Midlands!