By Lee Clark • September 11, 2018

No one will know if you don't train, will they?

You’re all signed up to your local half marathon, you’ve published your GivePenny #ConnectedFundraising page, shared it with your mates and you’ve even bought yourself a new water bottle to rehydrate after all that running you’ve promised yourself you’ll do.


The thing is…..

It’s raining.
It’s cold.
It’s windy.
It’s nice and warm in the house.
You’re tired.
Your dog ate my trainers.
Technically, no-one will know if you don’t go out running.

If you let it happen, you can convince yourself to avoid going out for those crucial training runs that lead up to a distance event. I’ve been there.

It all changed when I knew those miles in training were directly connected to how much I would go on to raise for charity. Simply by connecting Strava or Runkeeper to my #ConnectedFundraising page and asking friends to pledge just £1 per mile, it proved to be enough to get me out pounding the streets. Every mile would mean I’d raise more and more. I’d even stay out and do extra miles, instantly checking the impact of doing that on my fundraising total, supplementing the runner’s high with a very real sense of pride.

The power of peer pressure on exercise habits has become more obvious over the past few years, as we blend more of our real-life worlds together with online experiences. Take Strava, for example. If I know that I’m the tenth fastest cyclist up a particular hill, everyone else I know on Strava knows that. You can bet the next time I go out on the bike, I’m aiming for 9th or better. Add in the spice of donations being made for the cycling and you have the perfect recipe for success!

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