By Jo Mason • October 28, 2018


“GP, surely you’re kidding?” Just trust us.

We speak to charities day in, day out and it isn’t unfair to say that the idea of taking on an extra event or initiative is not only unrealistic, it’s actually quite scary. Sometimes even laughable.

There’s never a budget (because they’ve already been set), there’s never the time (because you’re all already working flat out doing great things for fabulous causes) and we assure you that there is never a problem.

Virtual events are uncharted waters for many charities in the UK and that’s ok, you’re not in this alone. However, we have to tell you the truth that when done right, a virtual event may actually be the perfect solution to all of the stumbling blocks that are currently preventing you from shouting “YES!” and cracking on with it as a fundraising initiative. It’s the answer to a problem you perceive to be there, rather than one that is actually preventing you from doing anything.

The best metaphor for this is the person who doesn’t have time to take a time management course...catch our drift?

Virtual events can be run solely online, all content and participant engagement can be scheduled weeks and months in advance which all means your fundraiser journey from sign-up to donation is completely automated and won’t impact on your day in the slightest.

As you can probably tell, the key is organisation and thinking about it early enough, however if you are thinking 3 or 4 months down the line that gives you plenty of time to do bits of artwork here and there when you get a quieter 10 minutes and raise awareness of your event using your website, on your social media platforms and through the press.

The more charities we work with, the more commonplace these events are becoming and if you’re not 100% on where to start then we can reveal a little tip that the most successful ones we’ve seen in 2018 have been “marathon” challenges. For example, 26 miles in a month (that’s less than a mile a day for your supporters).

They sign up for free, get sponsored per mile (via GivePenny’s integrated fundraising platform, obviously!) and receive emails throughout the month telling them how brilliantly they’re doing and encouraging them to generate as much support as possible.

So no budget? No spare staff capacity? Honestly, no problem.

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