By Lee Clark • November 13, 2018

The charity streaming revolution will not be televised

There's a fundraising revolution happening in video games.... but there's a good chance your cause isn't part of it.

Influencers in the modern day are not just those we see on TV, in films, on social media, playing festivals or walking the catwalk. They also include “Millennials” and “Generation Z” playing video games, live to an audience of eager viewers - some of whom have up to 20 million people dropping in to watch them play insanely popular games like Marvel's Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Playing video games, live-streaming it all and jumping on a stream to catch someone else play has become as sociable a pastime as calling for your mates and going for a bike ride, like it's 1992. eSports is already huge. It will soon be a 1 billion dollar business with over 300 million fans across the world.

So, what's the real opportunity for good causes here? Well, there is likely to be a community of gamers and streamers on your doorstep who would jump at the chance to raise money for the charity they love (clue: that’s you), while they're doing something they enjoy. Hey, it could be that some of your loyal runners and cyclists play games, too and you just didn't know that.

Now, our experience is that some charity fundraising teams aren't exactly excited by the prospect of gaming for charity and in fact, actively want to avoid any association with it. We get it. It’s new, difficult to know where to start and gamers sometimes appear to speak a different language during their livestreams. Don't even get us started on a debate on whether playing video games rots the brains of the young... sheesh. Rock and roll was supposed to do that, remember? 😬

Here at GivePenny we're getting ahead of the times and bringing good causes along for the ride. We recently worked in partnership with Shelter to bring Level up for Shelter to life, a 135 minute gaming challenge designed to help support the 135 families finding themselves homeless every day in Britain.

Every single profile created on GivePenny can be connected directly to Twitch with just the tap of three buttons, making it easy for your supporters to start streaming through their GivePenny fundraising page straight away and more importantly, raising funds for your cause. Some streamers prefer to livestream on YouTube, so we built a clever connection to that as well.

The revolution will be televised streamed. Fancy being part of it?

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