By Lee Clark • October 16, 2018

We still raise the old way!

Come back through time with us for a second. You’re 8 years old, you’ve signed up for your school’s read-a-thon and you’ve gone straight round your Nan’s with a sponsor form and your reading list.

She gives you a hug, hands you the biscuit tin and tells you that she’ll give you a quid for each book you read off the list. You can’t even picture so much money, and you go home to get started on your books to try and earn as many of those seven pound coins as you can.

Let’s fast forward a few years (...maybe more than a few in our case), it’s 2018. You want to do something inspiring to raise money for the charity that has supported your family through a difficult time.

*Enter GivePenny, stage left.*

We believe that fundraising should be FUN. It’s in the word, for crying out loud. However, we don’t just mean fun for you, we also mean fun for your donors, fun for the support team at the charity and fun for the general public who can check in and see how you’re getting on.

The way to do that is to make it a real-time, engaging experience for everyone involved. GivePenny lets you get sponsored against the completion of milestones, so your friends can say “I’ll give you a quid per mile” - incentivising you to drag yourself out of bed on a December morning and do that extra mile for the charity when you might previously not have.

GivePenny lets you update your Strava miles, so that the team at the charity can track exactly how many miles you’ve travelled, and how that contributes to the overall total number of miles that have been done by fantastic people like you in support of their work.

GivePenny lets you stream live from your Twitch account, so that people can literally sit there and watch you earn their donation.

GivePenny lets you include absolutely everyone in every part of your fundraising, from start to finish and we think that’s how it should be.

So we still raise the old way, and we’re very proud of it too.